If you're in the market to purchase a corporate jet, Jet Endeavour Trading will assist your search.  While it's easy to pull up any aircraft that is on the market, it takes a keen eye to seek out the best qualified aircraft for your needs.  J.E.T. provides a unique angle by utilizing an extensive background in maintenance and avionics to determine how an aircraft should be priced.  Once an aircraft is selected, J.E.T. then guides you through the pre-purchase inspection, going line by line in a maintenance work order with a fine-toothed comb.  J.E.T. is your technician, your personal maintenance inspector, that ensures a "pre-buy" is a thorough pre-purchase inspection. 


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Whether your trading up/down/across, or selling altogether, the concept is the same: match a buyer for your current aircraft.  This is what J.E.T. does.  With a group of people whose experience spans decades in corporate aviation and with clients from all over the world, J.E.T. is ready to find that buyer for you.  While J.E.T. utilizes online databases, industry trade shows and aviation magazines to market your aircraft, its often the intensive networking from 50+ years of industry experience that distinguishes Jet Endeavour Trading.  J.E.T has well established relationships in this niche industry of corporate aviation from which you as a seller stands to benefit.


Sometimes you just need a confidant for the current situation.  You've done some work but still need that special technical expertise to guide you through a pre-buy or setup a long term maintenance program.  J.E.T. can help.  You may already have an awesome corporate jet but no methodical way of maintaining it.  Maintenance is that necessary burden which J.E.T. alleviates.  Instead increasing personnel and costs to manage your aircraft maintenance, Jet Endeavour Trading can be your maintenance advisor.




Partnering with SoCal Jets, we can monitor and perform all your aircraft maintenance needs in a timely and cost conscious manner. Please click on the link to see what SoCal Jets is all about.